Weekend read: Low Country Bordello

BORDELLO-cover-flat-frontLiz Talbot of Low Country Bordello is a cozy mystery heroine you can cheer on! She’s capable, determined and savvy and she always gets her guy both good and bad.

Just a few days before her Christmas wedding, Liz receives a desperate call from her friend who thinks she killed her husband. The plot twists and turns with mistaken identities, secrets and the earthbound spirit of a high class call girl in a seemingly genteel bordello. Liz is guided by her best childhood friend who died when they were kids. Their conversations add humor and complications for Liz who can’t reveal she sees her for fear their connection will be severed.

This is the first book I’ve read in Susan M. Boyer’s private investigator mystery series set in Savanah, Georgia. While this is the fourth installment, I can’t wait to catch up on the first three mysteries to see what happened to her colorful cast of family, friends and her sexy fiance.

If you’re looking for a swift paced, cozy mystery weelend read, Low Country Bordello is a great pick!


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