In Between the Pages with Carol Ann Martin

Looming Murder: A Weaving Mystery is the first book in an ongoing cozy mystery series featuring Della Wright. She’s a likable heroine, who after enduring a public scandal in her corporate job, has put every last cent into her small business, Dream Weavers. One of my favorite aspects of the story were the friendships that Della forms with the women who attend her workshop.  With detailed descriptions of the small town characters, weaving and antique buildings, Author Carol Ann Martin takes her time getting into the action. But its worth the wait as all of the interwoven relationships mislead Della and the reader as to the identity of the killer.

If you like cozy mysteries with a crafty bent and a heroine whose love life has as many twists and turns as the crimes she falls into, then pack this book in your beach bag!

Enjoy the excerpt.

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Enjoy Carol Ann’s guest blog post:

When I am asked how long I wanted to write before I actually began, my answer is, for as long as I remember. At the age of eight, I remember wanting to be a writer or a ballerina. At ten, I wanted to be a writer or a num. Don’t ask. At twelve I got over the nun thing and decided to be a writer or a figure skater. At fourteen I thought being a famous writer or a famous actress would be glamorous. You get my drift. The truth of the matter is I always wanted to write, but was so afraid to fail that I invariably chose the other option. It wasn’t until a few years ago, in my fifties (This proves that it’s never too late) that I went for it. I dropped everything else and pursued my dreams. Now I wish I’d done it years earlier.

This novel, Looming Murder, is receiving favorable reviews and my publisher has asked for a second in the series. I just delivered the second, Tapestry of Lies, where many of the same characters return. I wanted to write a book that would be pure fun. I know. I know. Murder doesn’t sound much like fun. But when the victim is someone who was really nasty, it isn’t quite so sad. And when the heroine is the number-one suspect and her best friend’s advice keeps getting her into deeper trouble, murder can be really funny.

Apart from writing, I am also the visionary officer for a residential real estate company my husband owns and my son runs. As impressive as that may sound, all it means is that I am in charge of designing the lobbies and apartment renovations in my spare time—as if I had any.

I am so new at this writing game that I’m not certain where I’ll go from here. I love writing comedy. I love writing murder mysteries, and I love writing drama. God only knows wher

e I’ll go from here. All I hope is that my fans will follow. So, I welcome the advice of any of my fans who have read all of my novels written under my true name, Monique Domovitch and this pen name, Carol Ann Martin. Which of my novels did you like best? Which would you like to see more of?

Many of my readers want to know who are my favorite authors. If you ask me this question a hundred times, you will get a hundred different answers. I read one author until I run out of his books and then move on to the next favorite author.

As for my advice for author wannabes, all I can say is keep writing. Just go for it. I once read that a person doesn’t get really good at something until they’ve worked at it for at least

ten thousand hours. That might be just a bit of an exaggeration but the point is, you won’t get anywhere without plugging away at it for a long time. So get plugging.

And don’t tell your stories, write them. Early on, I used to have friends and family read everything I wrote, from the first draft of a novel right up to the last. I didn’t realize until much later that an author is like an entertainer, and that by getting others to read my stories before they were ready, all I did was dilute my need to tell the story. Now I don’t let anyone read my work until it is complete. That’s what works for me. But then, not all writers are the same. You might thrive on readers’ opinions and make you write all the more. Whatever works for you.

Author Bio:

Carol Ann Martin is a pen name. The author lives with her husband and an ever expanding family of dogs. They travel extensively and she is never seen without her laptop. When is not writing or traveling, she bakes and weaves.




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