Five questions with Ruby Preston

stagedI love finding a new favorite character and author. I found them both in Scarlett Savoy, the heroine of Showbiz by Ruby Preston. Ruby is the pen name of a Broadway producer and her second book, Staged, of her Broadway trilogy is available tomorrow! She kicks off her Chick Lit Plus blog tour with us.

Q: What is the hardest part of writing your books?
Ruby: Time! I absolutely love writing and treasure the hours I get to spend with my characters. My busy Broadway producing schedule leaves less time than I’d like to focus on my books. However, I love my job so I really can’t complain. I just wish there were more hours in the day.

Q: As a Broadway producer, how do you write such great books?
Ruby: Thank you! Theater people are all natural storytellers since it’s our job to bring stories to life on stage. As a producer, it’s my job to find amazing stories and characters that will resonate with audiences. As a writer, I’m doing the same thing. It also helps that I’m writing books that, though fiction, are based on many of my real life experiences!

Q: Would you share a little known fact or superstition among the Broadway crowd that the public may not know about?
Ruby: Good question. Many Broadway theaters are considered to be haunted. I’ve never seen a ghost but I’ve heard lots of creepy stories from backstage. Supposedly, one the one night a week when the Broadway theaters are “dark” (aka, not running a performance) the ghosts get their turn on stage. That’s something I’d like to see! Also, it’s considered bad luck to put peacock feathers on stage in costumes, sets or props. Something about the evil eye…

Q: Is there a musical or book that you dream of bringing to the Great White Way?
A: Like many people, I’m a huge fan of the musical, CHESS. It’s never found success despite having amazing music and an intriguing plot. I’d love for it to get another chance at Broadway success.

Q: Is there a Broadway legend whom you wish you could go back in time to meet?

Ruby: I couldn’t pick just one. I’d love to have met ruthless producing icon, David Merrick. I’d love also to have spent time with legendary musical theater writers Rogers & Hammerstein and most definitely Cole Porter!

Read the excerpt of Staged!

Author Bio:

Author Ruby Preston is an award-winning Broadway producer who has helped to bring many musicals to the stage. Her first novel “SHOWBIZ,” described as “The Devil Wears Prada” meets NBC’s Smash, received widespread praise. Now a promising talent in the literary as well as the theater world, Preston’s newest release is the second book in her Broadway Trilogy. For more information on Ruby Preston and her novels visit or Follow Ruby on twitter: @BroadwayRuby

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