Read an E-Book Week Deal: Lost in the Light for $2.50

Lost in the Light print editionHaven’t read the book that Samantha March called “captivating?” Like gothics, paranormal mysteries, haunted houses and ghost stories? Then you’ll love Lost in the Light that takes from my family history as well as my own experiences living in a haunted house. Also, you might want to get caught up before its short story sequel, Girl in the Mist arrives sooner than you think!

Use the discount code: REW50 at Smashwords to get a copy for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, etc! Offer expires at 11:59 p.m. on 3/9/13.

Praise for Lost in the Light:

“This book captivated me. The ending might have been my favorite. One of my favorite mystery reads of the year, and one to get your to-read list!”
– Samantha March, Chick Lit Plus

4.5 Lightning Bolts
“Lost In The Light is an enchanting story that takes the reader from present to the past. Full of mystery, emotion, and a plot that keeps the readers on their toes, I couldn’t peel my eyes away. Ms. Castillo, you’ve got a new fan. I can’t wait for more!”
– Storm Goddess Book Reviews

Four stars
“I haven’t read a mystery novel in quite some time.  This one definitely reminded me of why I enjoy them so much.  Lost in the Light is an enjoyable story that flips between the Prohibition in the 1920’s/1930’s and the present. And who doesn’t love a good ghost story!  Ghost shows up in your house, haunts you, asks you for favors and basically tells you what to do constantly… gotta love it!”
– Lost in Literature

“The story is a page turner with old flames, sexy ghosts, family obligations that we all contend with, humor, and bonds with new female friends.”
– Sandra Ramos O’Briant

Four stars
“I think that the author weaves a fantastic tale through both worlds and we kind of see Dori evolve and grow through her experience and even able to allow her self to depend on others. I think this book is definitely worth picking up if you like a good historical mystery, with a touch of paranormal and a dash of romance. I will have to check out more of Ms. Castillo’s novels in the future.”
 Ramblings of a Semi Housewife

“Castillo created an interesting, and expertly woven tale that is fraught with romance and mystery. Dori’s guardedness, Vicente’s rough edges and Grammy’s spunkiness all made for very real characters and good story telling. Castillo knows how to dish up a story with some spice, and I’ll be looking forward to more adventures from Castillo in the future.”
– Cellar Door Lit Rants & Reviews

“Mary Castillo has written such a rich and compelling novel… I was pretty much glued to this book. To say I was behind Dori the whole way is an understatement. I love her!”
– Whoopeeyoo! Reviews


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