In which I wore Jason Wu

Five years ago, I wasn’t sure when or if I’d publish another book. But slowly and surely I wrote. I wrote The Ballad of Aracely Calderon and then some weird time travel book and then Lost in the Light. I did a lot of revising, wondering who would take a chance on these books. But then I looked up from the books and screenplays I’d written between 2007 and 2011 and discovered I had more options than I’d realized.

Last Tuesday night, I signed my seventh book.

My only advice is to keep writing after they tell you no. Write during your lunch break. Write when the words seemed to have dried up because believe me, they are waiting for you to discover them. Write even if you, your husband and your critique partners will be the only ones who read the book. Write because the story needs to come from you.


2 thoughts on “In which I wore Jason Wu

    1. Thanks Lara! The past five years have shown me that we have options. We don’t have to take the obvious path and frankly, self publishing has been so much fun. I wish I’d done it sooner.

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