Forward motion

The excerpt of my upcoming ghost story, The Guy Upstairs is now on my newly designed website. Yes, I said new book. I’m publishing it as an eBook this June and it’s in spit-and-polish mode before it goes to my editor.

When I was in high school, I made short movies with my good pal, Tish. We even had a name for our production company (and letterhead, too): TAMALAE Productions. I wish I had a picture of us because we really thought we were It and frankly, had an unhealthy obsession with editing.

Self publishing makes me feel like I’m 17 years old again. There’s a heck of a lot of work to be done right on time and many decisions to be made in marketing, advertising and if I should giveaway the cute Nook and Kindle cover that I saw on Etsy.

But the key to pushing this boulder up the mountain is to to stay focused on each step, rather than trying to peek around to see how high I’ve gone. One wrong move and I’ll get squished as the boulder rolls back down the mountain!

I hope you’ll enjoy the excerpt and stay tuned as I share more steps along the journey.


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