Reading: Why I Broke Up With My Best Friend

All of my books – especially Switchcraft in which Nely & Aggie literally walk in each other’s shoes – explore this idea we have of best friends. We go through life arm-in-arm with that one special person who knows your secrets and likes you in spite of them. Your best friend always takes your side with evil bosses, bad-for-you boyfriends and mean girls. Your best friend is the family member you got to pick when we seem to be saddled with our biological relations.

But the reality is that so few of us have or get to keep that person. Many of us find that friendship is like not Sex and the City where the fab four meet for breakfast to dish about sexcapades and fashion.

Elin Hilderbrand writes a truthful and poignant essay about breaking up with her best friend and the hope she has of rekindling that friendship.

Do you think the idea of the best friend is possible? Or is it a fantasy? My conclusion at this time is that friendship is just like life in that it is always changing. As long as there is no anger or judgment, then there is always possibility.


One thought on “Reading: Why I Broke Up With My Best Friend

  1. Life may not allow for best friendships like in SATC, but I’m grateful for the best friendships it does allow us to have. I cherish my friendship and I miss my friends who are farther away than I would like.

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