Tamara and me

Issue 1
March 2011

Six years ago my husband took this photo, capturing the moment when theBarnes & Noble manager handed me Hot Tamara fresh out of the box. It was truly unbelievable to see the words in between the covers that I’d written and revised for almost two years. Suddenly, scenes that only my editor and I had witnessed were going to be public. I even had to check the author photo to make sure that it was by the right Mary Castillo, not some other girl who had published her first book.

The Spring Equinox is coming this month, transitioning us from winter to spring. I imagine on that day I’ll get out of bed, say my prayers, get my son dressed for school and then sit down with the book-in-progress to see what Dori and her gang are going to do next. When that time is up, I’ll get to work on  my clients’ projects.

But this Spring Equinox I’ll try to do something special to mark the changing of the seasons. Perhaps I’ll play hooky and hike down from the hills to the ocean, or I may be so caught up in work that I’ll realize the equinox came and went a week ago. No matter what happens, I’ll be grateful for what what was, what will be and especially what is.




Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!

April 30, 11 a.m. – USC Alumni Book signing. More details to come and I’m thinking of doing a special sneak peek of Aracely and The Guy Upstairs for anyone who stops by and says hey!

On the Nook-Shelf

I ordered my copy as soon as it became available and I can’t wait to see what will happen to Maisie Dobbs. I can’t say one more word because the previous book in this series was a doozy.

Unexpected Finds

Look at my girl, Kathy! Her second book is here and what a beautiful cover. With the the Organic Roibos Chai that I got from Halcyon Tea in San Diego, I’ve got some relaxing to do!


Hot Tamara

To purchase a copy, please visit Mary’s store.

To refill your Nook, visit Diesel e-books or Barnes and Noble

To refill your Kindle, visit Amazon

To check out at your local library, visit WorldCat


A writer’s hands are my most precious tools even though I’ve not always taken the best care of them. This precious little pot of lavender infused shea butter is the perfect excuse to drop out of a story, rub it in and give tired achy fingers a break.


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