Take Tea and See for January 2011: Consciously cooperating with solar eclipse can bring about blessings of life, prosperity & abundance

Capricorn Art Print by Alan Gutierrez

by Janice Roper

New Year Blessings to each of you. As we enter the New Year 2011 we must stay attuned to the infinite good the universe has in store for us. We begin anew by first acknowledging our oneness with creator and the limitless gifts Spirit has made available to us with the following statements:

I accept the gift of forgiveness, which frees me from the past and the mistakes of the past.

I accept the gift of wisdom which assists me in meeting any challenge with good judgment and understanding.

I accept the gift of love, which opens my heart and enables me to share warmth and caring with everyone in the world.

I give thanks for the Infinite possibilities that come with each newbeginning!

So let’s find out what the sky symbols this NewYear 2011 are communicating to us: The first New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurred Jan 4, 2011 at 13 Degrees Capricorn. This eclipse energy will be in effect until the next Solar Eclipse June 1, 2011 at 11 degrees Gemini. Capricorn energy is very potent earth energy. Consciously cooperating with it can bring about concrete blessings of life, prosperity and abundance. It also brings spiritual blessings of new ideas, new creative expression, new viewpoints and greater expansions of consciousness. We can use this energy to transform our personality and life! This Solar Eclipse asks us to reflect on our feelings, to nurture ourselves because self care is healthy. To take care of the details in our life and we will reap great rewards later in the year. Let your creativity be expressed—creative art develops our consciousness, refines our emotions and heals our bodies. Real creative art builds bridges among people, creates love and understanding and cultivates more inclusive values within people. Capricorn energy asks us to overcome the fear of loneliness. Capricorns often fall into depression because the daily demands in life engulf them and covers their eyes with the fog of uncertainty, doubt and fear. A person is always lonely, no matter how many friends surround him if he has no contact with his Inner Guide. Once he has contact with the spirit within, loneliness disappears.

As the Sun moves through Capricorn, each one of us can challenge ourselves to allow major changes in all our expressions and in our field of service. Our words, our writings, paintings, music, songs and actions now carry a higher voltage of energy— it’s a perfect time to free ourselves from the traps of physical, emotional and mental stress. During the full moon period you may be internally motivated to search out and find your path—to get a glimpse about the field of service your soul has chosen. Now you can put your life in order. Business is where Capricorn excels. Business is about making things happen, finding needs and filling them, making plans and following them. If you live in this light, life happens!

Janice Roper will be in Newport Beach, CA for one-on-one tea leaf readings January 13, 15, 2011. For an appointment please call Ilona at 949-283-7070. Or, you can contact Janice directly through email: teaandsee@gmail.com or  phone 480-947-6493. You can learn about Janice at her website.

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