Take Tea & See: Sept 18 Jupiter/Uranus Connection in Pisces

by Janice Roper

The Jupiter/Uranus Connection in Pisces is believed to be beneficial but may not be felt immediately. Uranus represents intuition that brings knowledge on a bolt of lightning. Jupiter rulers over the Higher Self in each one of us. Nothing can confine, limit or restrict that Self and herein is inventive energy with creative power (or the genius aspect). During this connection everyone should trust their intuitive powers and act on them. First impressions will be true. Look forward to unexpected travel because Uranus always acts with no advance notice and always acts through other persons or circumstances outside our control. Pisces energy likes to look to the past so you may find yourself revisiting recent decisions and reexamining the consequences of those choices. Reflect on and take heed of your emotional reactions to certain situations.

About Janice
Janice Roper is an intuitive counselor who uses the ancient art of reading tea leaves and the science and art of astrology as a medium. She talks to your soul. Janice has extensive experience guiding many through business decisions and creative challenges. She has read tea leaves for professionals, celebrities and also for first and second generations in families. If you would like to schedule a consultation or receive her monthly newsletter, please visit her website.


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