Snapshot of the New Moon in Virgo

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Let’s talk about the energies coming at the New Moon in Virgo on September 8, 2010.

Virgo energy nourishes, supports, shields and eventually reveals the Divine Plan (or the Law of Dharma/Purpose in Life as discussed by Deepak Chopra) in each one of us. We can choose to use this monthʼs energy to adapt and function skillfully in the physical world. Consider the following:

  • Rejecting all feelings of jealousy and hatred toward any person.
  • Staying positive about yourself! Give Up doubt in yourself about the creative powers latent within you.
  • Seeing the beauty within yourself and within others.

Janice will share more insights about upcoming planetary influences this month!

About Janice Roper

Janice Roper is an intuitive counselor who uses the ancient art of reading tea leaves and the science and art of astrology as a medium.  She talks to your soul. Janice has extensive experience guiding many through business decisions and creative challenges. She has read tea leaves for professionals, celebrities and also for first and second generations in families. If you would like to schedule a consultation or receive her monthly newsletter, please visit her website.


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