I may never buy another book again

Yup you read that right. As someone who has packed up and moved a 500+ book collection five times, I may never buy another physical book again now that I own a Nook.

In my house, books are everywhere. Crammed into bowing shelves, stacked to be read or donated or shared with family and friends, packed into boxes in the garage and piled by our beds (and if I looked, probably under the bed, too).

However the Nook takes away the clutter and the dust. When I’m finished reading, I archive it. I don’t have to return it to the library or drive it to the used bookstore or wait to give it away.

Call me a philistine or accuse me of obsessive cleanliness (actually I like to think that I’m obeying the laws of Feng Shui) but I’m just being honest here. Even though I’m an author who loves seeing my books at the stores and signing them for readers, it’s pretty cool to see those books on my Nook as well!


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