Happy Eclipse Watching!

From Art.com
Photo: “Hindu Devotees Observe a Solar Eclipse as They Take Holy Dips in the Sangam in Allahabad, India” from Art.com

By Janice Roper

On July 11, 2010 there will be a Total Solar Eclipse at 3:33 p.m. EDT at 19 Degrees Cancer. This eclipse will be visible from the Cook Islands, French Polynesia, southern Chile and southern Argentina. Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes and throughout our lives certain characters seem to be familiar.” His remarks “connect” with eclipse energy. We wear grooves in the same old plots until we come to a turning point. Eclipses indicate that the turning point has arrived. This eclipse will particularly powerful in the sign Cancer and its opposing sign Capricorn. (But it affects all of us in some area of our life wherever we find Cancer/Capricorn energy in the natal birthchart. This is a good time to consult an astrologer or tea leaves reader for more clarification.)

Eclipses mark those moments in our lives when the lights go down and the action begins. We can become amused, angered or enlightened as we witness something out of the ordinary.  Remember too, our country the United States of America was born on July 4th: a Cancer nation which will be directly impacted by this Solar Eclipse. Leaders tend to get angry with one another; the Sun and Moon are both wanting to direct the show: the Sun gives warmth symbolizing spiritual and creative power and the powerful emotions and intuitions from the Moon can result in a short circuit of your internal wiring. Give yourself space and patience to communicate clearly. Mark your calendar at least seven days either side of the event. Its time to anticipate, revise and ultimately heal old family patterns with parents, siblings. (Let the old stuff go!) The Moon in Cancer will be at her most nurturing; its about expressing emotions, being sympathetic and understanding of others. Look at new possibilities in an exciting and meaningful way. There can be major healing through a developmental crisis.

This is the month to take a deep breath and ask the Spirit within to inspire your thoughts, words and actions. The natural result is an open heat and inner calm.

Hold loving thoughts with others and yourself. You are the artist and the author of your life. Let the beautiful gift of unconditional love contribute to an evolving masterpiece of contrast, light and color. All is well and in perfect alignment for you to spread your wings and know that you can soar! As you take off on your heartfelt journey, give thanks to those who have supported you and those that have listened to you as you have grown in awareness and abilities.

Janice is taking appointments for tea leaf readings in Newport Beach, CA July 30-August 2. Please call Ilona Martin at (949) 283-7070.

Private astrology and tea leaf readings via phone can be arranged by calling (480) 947-6493.


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