May Tidings


by Janice Roper

The Earth has moved into a new space in the cosmos since the first of the year. Haven’t you noticed the endings with relationships, careers and geographical residences seem to be the norm now? Also, we’re leaving behind the old that no longer fits (i.e. ideas and traditions) as we prepare for the movement of the planet Uranus to enter the sign Aries for the first time in 85 years on May 29, 2010 and stays until March 7, 2019. Uranus represents freedom from the known and is the key to freedom of expression available within each one of us!

We now begin to be a world of our own–to go for each individual dream and the first step is to relate to the Self and to the image of God that we are–then we must relate to certain other people in our life, like parents, family members and extended family and finally the entire human race. Uranus initiates unusual ideas, projects, friendships and group associations.

You can also use the powerful astrological timing cycles of the New Moon which occurs on May 14,2010 @ 23 degrees Taurus to “magically” make your dreams come true. The earth sign Taurus keeps us grounded as we slowly and steadily progress to a higher vibrating space. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde in Taurus until May 11th, which has slowed down forward movement. But doing your inner work (prayer and meditation) will be more peaceful now because you will not be forcing your will to obtain results.

May is the month to anchor in heartfelt energy; learn to work with it and accommodate it as this is where everything resides. People must come together with open hearts. Purity of heart, which means purity of motive, is a prerequisite to increase the magnetic power of the heart as great unification is activated. Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, Sedona, AZ said, “Learning to be flexible and handle change is a requirement throughout life.” Be open to this new energy vibration. Be open to raising your consciousness. Consciousness is identifying with the field–Awareness of totality and being aligned with the God force.

When you are aligned with the Field everything happens spontaneously. There is power with your intentions and because of intentions, the world can and has changed.

Janice is taking appointments for tea leaf readings in Newport Beach, CA May 21-May 23. Please call Ilona Martin at (949) 283-7070.

Private astrology and tea leaf readings via phone can be arranged by calling (480) 947-6493.


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