Bursting Into Spring

"Tightrope Walker" by Auguste Macke from Art.com

March Update by Janice Roper, Intuitive Counselor

Creativity means more than painting or writing, it is a way of thinking and living. You were born with creative ability. So staying in alignment with the new energies during this major planetary transition requires balance at the core level. Our life is what our thoughts make it!

This is the year of the White Tiger. It began on the New Moon in Aquarius February 13, 2010 which is rich in imagination. The Chinese zodiac tells us to anticipate a dynamic year of sudden opportunities, bold actions and life experiences on a grand scale. The White Tiger appears every 60 years—people born in 1950 have good fortune follow them throughout their lives because they are born in a white tiger year. But White tiger years are an omen of good fortune for all of us! (Even those who are not born in tiger year.)

Also in Western Astrology, the Sun entered the water sign, Pisces (February 18-March 20) where feelings are glorious; especially at the Pisces New Moon on Mar 15, 2010. This month, St. Patrick brings in the good old-fashioned Irish Luck, too! The Planet Jupiter has moved into the sign Pisces for the first time in 12 years and it will stay in Pisces most of this year. This position of Jupiter symbolizes energy that has great faith in the benevolence and significance of life, and an openness and willingness to receive whatever it has to bring; where there is darkness, the saving powers also rise! Jupiter in Pisces wants the Truth and the Truth is always within the Self at the level of the unconscious mind, not in an outer event or an external reality! It favors communication at a deeper level of understanding where Jupiter is happiest.

Mars the planet of energy loves action! Mars turns direct on Wednesday, March 10 in the sign Leo, so releasing pent-up energy in a positive way is rewarding now. It’s a good time to release the past, release conflicts and launch your new cycle of dreams. Let your expanded vision comes forth to provide hope and inspiration that will guide you and others as well. Stay in the flow of your personal, planetary and galactic rhythms. Be Bold, Creative & Authentic!

Wishing you miracles in your life!

Janice will be in taking tea-leaf reading appointments in Newport Beach, CA on March 19-21, 2010. To make an appointment please contact Ilona at (949) 283-7070 or lucy453@aol.com. Janice also takes appointments in Scottsdale, AZ or over the phone. Contact her directly at teaandsee@mac.com.


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