My Latest Experiment

“Little Dreamer” from

I’ve talked about this before so bear with me here. When I’m deep into a story, or in between stories and don’t know what to write next, I have very vivid dreams that take place in a town where apparently, all of my characters live. This town looks like Monterey, the Gaslamp Quarter and my Grandma Nana’s street spliced together.

Sometimes I remember the conversations I have my characters but mostly not. However, I believe that what they tell me surfaces in the work as I write it. But it would be cool to have the ability to recall the dreams, especially those where I’m visited by family who have passed on.

So the other day after I turned in my pilot script and then had my tea leaves read, I was poking around Perhaps it was due to the post-submission euphoria but I kinda went a little crazy and ordered a lot of homeopathic teas including the Dreamers Herbal Tea.

At least I had the good sense not to order the minimum 20-pounds of fine chocolate from Venezuela or somewhere like that. It was close. Too close.

Anyway, according to the notes from the herbalist, Dreamers Herbal Tea will help with lucid dreaming which means that during a dream, you’re aware that its a dream and have more control or simply go with the flow and see that it has to tell you. So I have my notebook and pencil by my bed, the tea cup that my friend, Jen gave to me for my bridal shower for said tea and Sara Ivanhoe’s “Yoga on the Edge Sunset” practice. Tonight after the Little Dude goes to bed, I’m really looking forward to trying it to see if (a) I’ll mine deeper when I meet story characters, (b) remember my dreams when I wake up or (c) have the good sense to take advantage of Hugh Jackman when he walks into my dreams.

A case in point: The other night this really cute NAKED guy appeared in my dream but I turned him down because I was married. ¡QUE STUPIDA! It’s a dream and it wouldn’t have counted!!!

At least my husband can rest easy on that account.


2 thoughts on “My Latest Experiment

  1. Don't despair, Mary, I'm sure that cute naked guy will show up again. And since it's only a dream, it's not like anyone can hold what might happen against you…at least not in a court of law. As for me, maybe that tea would help with my reoccurring dream where I'm standing in front of my 7th grade locker racking my brain for the combination…

  2. Ahh Margo, only you know my real intentions!So do you ever remember your combination? What does it mean?

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