The Guy Upstairs by Mary Castillo

“Now don’t get out until I come around with the umbrella,” Dori ordered.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” Grammy demanded.

“It’s wet outside.”

“So? I ain’t no wicked witch. I ain’t gonna melt.”

Thanks so much for checking out the sneak peek of my upcoming novel, The Guy Upstairs. I’m moving the updated version of this excerpt to the Free Reads section of my soon-to-be relaunched website. If you’d like to be notified when it’s up and ready for you to enjoy, please email me at: with the subject line “I want my free read.”

Or, meet Dori and her grammy in the anthology collection, Names I Call My Sister available in print or your favorite eBook!




8 thoughts on “The Guy Upstairs by Mary Castillo

  1. I loved the cemetery scene. It was so real! My grandmother still goes to visit my grandfather, and talks to him for a long time, too.I loved the spork, too. Que lastima, when a cop is reduced to a spork for self-defense! Great start to the blog tour.

  2. Thanks everyone! Writing a book can take so long and at times, it’s tempting to give up. So knowing that you enjoyed this excerpt means a lot!Best,Mary C.

  3. I just found your blog. If the excerpt is an indication of your books. I’ve got to have one.When is the book available or is it already out? I want it. Have a great week-end and be safe.

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