Cigars, cigarettes, chat room anyone?

I set up our group, The WIPS (Words, Inspiration, Progress, Support).

If you want to join, shoot an email to

I have progress reports for Monday, January 21st:

Amy – 2 pages
Anna – 9 pages
Erica – 5 pages
LaDonna – 2 chapters
Lainey – 5 pages
Liz – 4 pages
Louise – 4 pages
Mary – 10 pages
Steve – 1,100 words
Tena – 6 pages

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9 thoughts on “Cigars, cigarettes, chat room anyone?

  1. you can do a google group too… and being one of the two token males in the group… maybe not something too over-the-top feminine? 🙂 Seriously, I would participate no matter what the group is named.

  2. So Ewoh, Pink Ladies Parlor is out, eh?Caryn, thanks for the tip but I still can’t get Love Shack out of my brain!Cheers,Mary

  3. In deference to Ewoh and Stephen, I will refrain from offering ‘The Queens of the Quill’ or ‘Princesses of the Pen’.I’m guessing Caryn’s chicachat is out too. They won’t want to be thought of as chicks. Guys are so sensitive. =)THE WORD WARRIORSTHE CHAPTER CHASERSTHE CHAT CHAPTERAnd finally:THE WIPS= WORDS, INSPIRATION, PROGRESS, SUPPORT(ps, didn’t mean to say you cheated, Mary :)…I probably can’t read…or my evil twin can’t!

  4. It’s okay, Lainey. But seriously, I’m so wacky these days that I wondered if I had goofed.I like WIPS. Okay, now off to Yahoo Groups. Sorry Ewoh but I can never remember my password for Google.Mary

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