On Your Marks … Get Set … Go! (updated)

Our BIAW starts today! I’m on Little Dude watch today so this morning we’re off to the park where I hope to run him ragged so he takes a nice long nap. (heh heh heh)

Here’s the revised list of partcipants and page/word count goals:

Alana (100 pages)
Amy (25 pages)
Anna (50 pages)
Brian (10 pages)
Caryn (4200 words)
Dana (25 pages)
Erica (100 pages)
Jen (40 pages)
Heather (25 pages min; 50 pages max)
LaDonna (2 chapters/day)
Lainey (35 pages)
Liz (50 pages)
Louise (25 pages)
Mary (50 pages)
Natasha (14,000 words)
Persephone (25 pages)
Steve (20 pages)
Tena (25 pages)

Don’t forget to email me (mary@marycastillo.com) tonight with your progress!

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6 thoughts on “On Your Marks … Get Set … Go! (updated)

  1. oh wow, i just cringed. i just came up for air after spending the weekend finsing my sewing book. 18,000 words in two days. now i edit πŸ™‚ but it is non-fiction about a topic i love and know very weel. it’s not like fiction. i don’t think i could do that many words in two days if were fiction…i’m so ready to crash right now…best of luck to everyone!! peace, love and glitter!kathy πŸ™‚

  2. Good timing. I spent much of today editing, including taking out tons of words, so I’ve got lots to make up for tomorrow. Should get me off to a good start.Glad you had a nice time at the Wild Animal Park!

  3. Hi Kathy! Congrats on finishing your new book.Oh Karyn, you’re ahead of the game. I’m envious!Tena: my thoughts exactly. (Love you Erica & Alana!)LaDonna: You’re so welcome. It’s 10:36A as I write this and still no nap!Best,Mary

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