"Just when I thought that I was out …

…they pull me back in.”

Which Godfather movie did that line come from? I don’t have a prize. You’ll just look really smart in the comments section.

But the spirit of its sentiment applies to me now as I’ve put the NaNoMo book aside to polish up the mariachi story. My agent read it, loved it, had a few comment here and there and you think that would be good enough for me. But oh no. As a neurotic writer, I had to go back and make sure that its perfect or as close to perfect as it can get.

So if I’m a good girl and quickly wrap up this post, I’ll be back to the NaNoMo book on Thursday.



3 thoughts on “"Just when I thought that I was out …

  1. Check out the brain on you! BUt you’re right, it was a really bad movie. Mostly because of poor Sofia Coppola. Her performance made me feel terrible, even when she wasn’t on the screen!Mary who has 100 pages more to read!

  2. I use that quote on a weekly basis. Might need to re-evaluate the situations I find myself in. ;-)I heard the screenplay for Part III was written in III weeks; too bad considering they had 16 years to come up with something Really Good.

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