Last Night at the East Los Angeles Library

Last night, the East L.A. Public Library hosted a chica lit panel moderated by Margo Candela. I had the honor of sitting up with the likes of Reyna Grande, Sylvia Mendoza and Lara Rios. The place was packed and even though many students received class credit for attending, I could see their excitement and energy. (And yes, we signed tons of books so THANK YOU!)

Hopefully in a few years, I’ll be in an audience listening to them talk about their work and their paths to publication!

Me (probably making a bad joke), Margo, Sylvia and Lara. (Reyna was off to the side eating the fabulous sandwiches they had at the event!)

Sylvia Mendoza and Lara Rios

Reyna (hey wake up!), Evita – I mean me! – and Margo.

If you’re in San Diego, come on down to Bay Books in Coronado on Thursday, Nov. 8th from 7 to 8:30 p.m. for Switchcraft and the Spicy Mexican brownies!



One thought on “Last Night at the East Los Angeles Library

  1. You are so with-it girl to get this up so fast. I enjoyed the event as much as the audience. Everyone had such great stories! And the food was delicious — especially the pan dulce. Yummy!Let’s do it again!

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