While I’m Stuck in the House…

I wanted to share what I’m doing while the Little Dude sleeps.
By the way, the sunlight is tangerine because the sky is a smutty pink gray. Everyone has been told to stay inside and after a brief venture with Rascal the Pug during his morning constitutional, I’m taking it seriously.

Also, my grandma and uncle were able to go home this morning. But they’re ready to leave if the winds change. My dad and his team were called to the fire near Jamul but were then sent back to the station. I think he’s bummed because like all fire fighters, he wants to put out fires.
I’m watching:

I’m reading my new favorite author:

I’m also wrote the first scene of my new book that I wanted to start on November 1st for NaNoMo but couldn’t wait any longer!
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One thought on “While I’m Stuck in the House…

  1. Mary . . .My thoughts are with you and the family. I know your dad wants to put out fires, but I am sure you feel grateful that right now he’s not out there.E

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