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Switchcraft received an early review at Blogcritics!

Check it out:

Book Review: Switchcraft by Mary Castillo
Written by Jill HartPublished June 27, 2007

Mary Castillo, a hot new Latina novelist, shakes things up with her newest title, Switchcraft. Castillo gives chick-lit a twist as her heroines, Nely and Aggie, end up in each other’s bodies.

Nely and Aggie have been friends for years, but have grown apart since the birth of Nely’s baby. In an effort to reclaim their friendship, and also in hopes of speaking to her dead mother, Aggie signs them up for a weekend getaway at Guru Sauro’s New Age Spa.Once they arrive at the spa, things go a little haywire. During their session with the guru, they end up “switched.” They confront the guru, who says he can’t switch them back until the next new moon, 28 days later.

There is nothing they can do but try to muddle through living each other’s lives. Aggie (in Nely’s body) must care for 18-month-old Audrey, avoid the advances of Nely’s husband, and fend off her control-freak mother-in-law. Can she manage it without wrecking Nely’s marriage?

Nely (in Aggie’s body) heads to Aggie’s boutique. What she finds is a lack of customers and a store going down the tube. Can she come up with a plan to save Aggie’s business? And how will she handle Kevin, a man she despises, but who Aggie considers a good friend? Can she successfully avoid him without costing Aggie her friendship?

Switchcraft has a unique plot – a little bit Freaky Friday, but way more fun. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the overuse of curse words. Not my taste, and it broke my concentration when reading. Overall, I loved the plot and the twists in the storyline. A great book for chick-lit fans.

Obviously its too late to do anything about it, but what is your opinion on cussing in books? It doesn’t bother me because I grew up around fire fighters and they probably rival sailors for worst potty mouth. I’m not much of a cusser – I believe they should be saved for an emergency – but I feel that if the character speaks that way, then as an author you have to go with it.



9 thoughts on “And in other news…

  1. Hi Mary:My opinion on curse words is it depends on the character. I curse in real life–not a lot, but once in a while. I am more likely though, to use expressions like “crap” or certain “NYC” kind of words and things when I am around my relatives–who curse a LOT. And that’s the thing–different people do curse, and I don’t write all my characters to talk the way I do. So my opinion is it fits the CHARACTERS, it would be false not to use curse words.

  2. And by the way, since I’ve been offline most of this past month, it’s great to “see” you again!Love,Mary

  3. Have you taken a look at the reviewer’s profile? It may be stereotypical to say that a person who’s into inspirational literature is going to be biased against cussing in novels, but hey – you didn’t say it, she kinda proved it with her review. I’ve read both Hot Tamara and IBM, and don’t remember any cursing in there, not nearly as much as say, Alisa’s novels, and I don’t remember if there was much of that in your Names I Call My Sister novella, but it would have been fitting for the characters had they decided to indulge in some potty-mouth goodness.I don’t care about cursing in novels, not in the least, except maybe if the novel was told in the POV of guy who either doesn’t get laid enough, or perhaps too much, and calls women by all sorts of degrading cuss words. Like the c**t word which I have a serious problem with, but even that, can be forgiven in context.In short – don’t worry about it. She reminds me of one of those RWA board ladies who are on a crusade to wipe out any thoughts or references to the word “gay” from the lives of nice, church goin’ folk.

  4. Ahh Nadine, you’re like a breath of fresh air! Hey everyone, did you know that Nadine has a new book out!Thanks, Kathy! And good luck on your new venture too (wink wink!).Love,Mary

  5. I don’t fcuking care what people think about the way I talk.;)Okay, okay, my honest opinion is in line with yours: If it’s right for the character, it’s right for the story.And btw, *awesome* review! 🙂 d

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