Well, almost.
I’m smiling because I finished this rewrite. (In my experience, there are always more.) But it is so close to what I envisioned that I almost cried as I wrote the last line. Which, by the way I have done with every story except for two. And they never sold so that must mean something.

My problem, however, is that this story a bit long (448 manuscript pages) and I think it might need an epilogue. But I don’t know what happens in the epilogue.

Anyway, for now I’ll enjoy the feeling that I’ve gone from beginning to end and lived to tell the tale. Maybe I’ll do something crazy this afternoon like watch Oprah!

Nah. My tomatoes need watering and I need to track down some pictures.

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4 thoughts on “IT’S DONE!

  1. you go girl! I just want to know how you find the time and stay motivated! Ha! :-)I know, I know. you just do. We ALL do. Congrats. Enjoy the water, tomatoes, Oprah… or an afternoon off with your family!

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