Where am I?

I’m sorry for going MIA but I’m deep into my book. Anne Rice calls her writing process “going underground” and that’s pretty much where I’ve been.

But I had a great booksigning at Bay Books in Coronado Friday night. I met a buddy from high school and was reminded of the Cheeto-stained copy of White Squaw that had made the rounds in junior high. (I never saw it but I’d heard of its existence!)

Also my interview with actress, Gina Ravera is in this month’s issue of Tu Ciudad magazine. It was such a kick to get to know the woman behind the character of Det. Irene Daniels from The Closer. (One of my all-time favorite TV shows!) The new season starts on June 18th on TNT, but if you want to catch up, seasons one and two are on DVD.

I’ll be laying low for the next week or so. But then I’ll be back with a vengeance.
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2 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Hey there,Just wanted to report a spotting of Names I Call My Sister at the Borders in Miami Int’l Airport – right there on a table in the entrace to the store! Of COURSE I bought it, and started reading the first page… I really liked your voice Mary, Kudos! Thought you’d get a kick out of knowing your book is out there, and not hidden in btw a million others, but right there in the spotlight!

  2. Cha-ching! Thanks for letting me know, Nadine. I’m flattered that you like the story. I had so much fun writing about those Orihuela girls that I think I might go for a second helping.Love,Mary

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