Ta dah!

There are some new updates with the release of Names I Call My Sister.

Check out the pearls and my nifty ‘do on SiTv’s On the Up segments.

Bestest friend and writer extraordinare, Jen Mahal shares a little about our friendship at One Page at a Time. (Love you, man!)

Crafty Chica and good friend, Kathy Cano Murrillo interviewed me on her blog.

I guest blogged at A Slice of Orange today.

And finally…

There’s a sneak peek of Switchcraft posted on my website!

Is this a bitchin’ cover or what?



P.S. If you’re in Laguna Beach, come meet me this Saturday at 11 a.m. at Latitude 33. Click here for the details.


9 thoughts on “Ta dah!

  1. Mary,Going to bookstore after work to buy your new book. I have been waiting for it to come out! I need an autograph. I read what you wrote about your friendship with Jen and it was so very loving and touching. How very lucky to have a friend that understands you so well and will always be there for you not matter what.I have a friend like that, I can call her anytime, any day and she would come running. Love,Sandy

  2. Thank you so much Kathy for pimping my book. I can’t wait to the same when it’s your turn … which is soon … I can feel it!Of course I’ll sign your copy, Sandy! I hope you like our stories. Working with those girls was a challenge because they’re so talented and I didn’t want to look bad!Love,mary

  3. I also heart the cover! It’s both clever and eyecatching. Can’t wait to read the sneak peek.Love you lots,Jen

  4. Thanks Jen & Erica! I hope you enjoy the sneak peek! I’m now going through the first pass pages and I can’t help but think, “hey, this one’s not too bad.”Love,Mary

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