In The CD Player

Have you heard Amy Winehouse? If you haven’t, you will soon. I’d been reading about her in Perez Hilton’s column and aftr mossying over to her MySpace page, I’m hooked.

Her sound is retro funk with influences of Etta James and the Motown girl bands. But what I love is her honesty. There’s none of that fake, R&B stuff you hear from most artists. She isn’t sweet and cute or looks like she’s been airbrushed to death. She looks like she just finished a gig at four in the morning.

Check this out from “I’m No Good.”

sweet reunion, jamaica and spain
were like how we were again
i’m in the tub you’re on the seat
lick your lips as I soak my feet

then you notice little carpet burn
my stomach drops and my guts churn
you shrug and its the worst
to truly stuck the knife in first

Check her out

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4 thoughts on “In The CD Player

  1. Mary, I’m *so* glad you posted about her. I keep hearing Rehab on KROQ and flip the station. No me likey that one…But I am *nuts* for everything else! Back to Black is my fave so far. She had me from there on.I luff her. And I wouldn’t have noticed her except for this. :):) d

  2. Hi Erica:I’ll have to try Corinne. I keep catching the end of her songs.Hey Dana:Rehab is a catchy song but then you listen the lyrics and feel kinda guilty for singing along to it. Cheerio!Mary

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