Hot For Teacher

Guess what? For four weeks, starting May 15th, I’ll be teaching an online class on how to create your story using the three-act screenwriting structure. The cost is $20 for members of Orange County Chapter of RWA and $30 for non-members. For all the details, go here.

I wish had something something profound to say, but I’m in shiny-new-idea phase. And I have press releases to write.



2 thoughts on “Hot For Teacher

  1. Mary,Could you provide some information on how to sign up for the class? I’m the one who wrote to you on myspace (Literary Latinos profile).I know that I found a link somewhere yesterday… but that was yesterday… and if you refer to my blog, you’ll see that computer frustrations occur quite frequently for me… Thanks,Lisa

  2. Okay… after the comment posted… the link appeared miraculously… out of nowhere… sorry to waste your time. I found it…Thanks,Lisa

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