I can’t help but share the news that the Little Dude took his first steps yesterday! You’d think he was the first human to accomplish walking but I’m so proud!

And yet, I’m terrified every time he takes off. It wouldn’t be overdoing it if I wrapped him in bubble wrap, now would it?

Rascal the pug is greatly dismayed that he has to run for his life when the Little Dude goes after him.

Happy holidays!


5 thoughts on “HE WALKS!

  1. Mary,Now you are reallllllllly in for it!!!Wait until he really gets accomplished at running fast.If I could have I would have put my kids in bubble wrap…nope…the spills they did come.Poor Rascal….gotta love it.Sandy

  2. As I excited as I am for him, I so feel for you… Just yesterday our little firecracker took a humdinger of a digger. She was running so fast, she actually *slid* as she landed. (But no tears. We were shocked.)Anyway, kiss him for me. Save the bubble wrap for Rascal. For Little Dude, I have a little hockey helmet around here somewhere. ;):) d

  3. Congratulations to Little Dude! You must be so proud….then again are we sure this is a good idea. Let the running begin!Love,Jen

  4. So happy for Little Dude! Now he can really explore his world…with mommy close behind. gHave a safe and happy New Year!

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