The Big Tease

Check out the teaser of my upcoming novella, “Till Death Do Us Part” that will appear in the anthology, Names I Call My Sister!

Again, thank you all for your thoughtful comments and emails. By the way if Francoise were here, she’d want me to tell you that she was Gypsy Rose Lee (above) in a former life.



4 thoughts on “The Big Tease

  1. Hi Mrs. S: I love knowing that a story of mine is keeping you entertained! One day I will write a book for Isela but in the meantime …Best,Mary

  2. Mary, what a fun excerpt! I love Grammy and can’t wait to read the whole story. I skipped over to Amazon to buy the book and realized I can’t get it ’til May. D’oh! That’s so cruel.*g*And I’m so, so sorry about Francoise. My heart goes out to you for losing your sweet doggie.

  3. Mary,I was so sad to read about Francoise. I had to put my sweet Akita Niki to sleep in August and I know how hard it is. I’m glad you have Rascal. Don’t forget, he’ll be missing her too. Niki missed our other Akita Kilroy when he passed away in 2003.Two things that really helped – We had memorial stones made for Kilroy and Nikita. The website is run by a couple. They do a really nice job and they are warm and – Enter Francoise’s name in the Monday night candlelight ceremony. I found comfort in knowing that others were lighting a candle in my pet’s honor.Oh, and lastly, we adopted two dogs, Lulu a Bulldog in August and Atticus a Boxer in November. They’ll never replace Killy and Kiki, but they bring us endless joy.Take care,Kim, from OCC

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