Forget if chick lit is dead or cyclical or whatever … Wonder Woman has a stamp! Wonder Woman has a stamp!

Actually she has two.

We can buy them on Friday and in order to obtain the sacred relics, we have to get a sheet with those other dillweeds like Superman and Plasticman. But I don’t care because Wonder Woman is here fightin’ for our rights in her satin tights!


Mary C. who wins hands down as the biggest nerd of all time


4 thoughts on “DUDE!!!

  1. I’m waiting for Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie. Hope he casts someone who actually looks as if she’s got some muscles rather than a super-thin Hollywood It girl.

  2. As much as i hate she is sharing the limelight with the *boys*– I’ll take it. My other kids (one 3 and the other 33 yrs. old)… will LOVE it as well. So buying me some of these… it will never be more fun to send those bills.

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